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WP Profiler Coupon Code

Introduction Of WP Profiler Coupon Code!

WP Profiler Coupon Code is a unique plugin that optimizes your WordPress site peak performance. This is an evergreen tool designed to solve real site problems faced by all WordPress webmasters.

It’s essential to optimize sites for higher rankings, better conversions, better user experience, lower bounce rates & lowering ad spend.

Right now the only WordPress optimization products on the market either cache, optimize your database, lazyload your page, or mess around with your Java & CSS often breaking your site in the process.

So our competitors do half a job & still charge a fortune for the privilege while WordPress users still have no effective solution for optimizing websites.

Your site becomes cluttered with autosaved post revisions & plugin debris as you use it & 99% of users don’t optimize their graphics – this bloats your site & makes it slow.

Nothing is ever static on a web server so you never know when you are running close to your server’s physical & software limits this affects your site performance.

You can, however, you should be using cache after optimization. If you are just using a cache, you are still loading your heavy site graphics & bloated site code.

You have to size your images to the maximum size required, ensure your theme is fully responsive. Never upload images directly from your camera.

On combo products, many users enable the cache first & don’t carry out the essential maintenance so we recommend using separate cache products.

You always want readers to have a good experience, so they’ll come back again and again to enjoy the content you have worked so hard on creating.

If you are using your blog to sell products or generate ad revenue, then losing rank and bleeding visitors will obviously hurt your bottom line.

Until now, nobody has made it easy for you to fix the issues slowing down your blog. Now caching is great and can really help speed up your site.

This means it will work on any WordPress blog and that you can install and activate it with a single click… just like any other plugin.

WP Profiler Coupon Code Works In 3 Easy Steps…

  • Step #1: Install plugin
  • Step #2: Profile your blog
  • Step #3: Auto fix most issues

WP Profiler Coupon Code Key Features!

WP Profiler is a combination of quick fixes & diagnostics that give you advice on how to fix your site speed issues – more importantly, we cover the Primary site optimization factors.

Simply run WP Profiler and you’ll get a detailed report quickly showing you all potential issues currently slowing down your blog.

Our report will show you how to fix all the issues and most of them can be done automatically. That means you need zero experience.

Our plugin does real time connection quality tests to the USA, Asia, Middle East & Europe & notifies you of any problems it also checks your site’s uptime to see how long your server has been up.

This helps you detect poorly maintained server hardware & bad server locations & poor peering arrangements at data centers.

Your site operates best in a good environment. To test this environment WP Profiler runs a series of checks on your RAM memory, PHP Memory, PHP settings. host settings & drive capacity.

WP Profiler runs load speed tests on your theme & compares this against the WordPress default theme. You’ll find that some themes you run will be slower by nature – that’s OK.

If the difference in speed is extreme you may consider using an alternative theme to improve your site performance.

Our graphics optimizer works using tiny ping – one of the most respected graphics crunching services. It allows you to batch optimize all your existing graphics in one go & it auto optimizes any new graphics you upload to your media library.

The API allows you to crunch up to 500 images per month free… you can upgrade & pay for more or apply for more APIs as you need.

Our advanced database scrubber wipes post/page revisions, clears orphaned & meta data & clears your site’s trash making your database thinner.

The advantage of running a thinner database is faster access times & less processor load. This has a secondary benefit of keeping your hosting cost low when your site traffic increases.

WP Profiler Coupon Code is the new name for WP Optimiser. If you are an existing WP Optimiser customer then you will receive the new update via the usual WordPress update system.

At the same time, the low price you see here is the cheapest you will ever find, we WILL be increasing the price tag on WP Profiler very soon!

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