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VideoGameSuite Enterprise Coupon Code

Introduction Of VideoGameSuite Enterprise Coupon Code!

VideoGameSuite Enterprise Coupon Code is a full cloud-based leads platform that includes multiple types of games, agency rights, new drag/drop technology, and video hosting capabilities.

Let the app create six different irresistible video lead games that skyrocket opt-in rates & sales. Sell video lead games for a service or sell access to the app for monthly fees.

Drag-n-drop your way to amazing lead games and video thank you pages in seconds. Add any video to your lead games to increase conversions.

Get 100s of fonts, emojis, buttons, graphics, page load animations, and more to make games come to life. Ditch low converting opt-in forms and popups for 3x more leads.

Use DFY, editable templates including hot local niche templates to create your games. In this first-ever video gamification agency software suite.

You spent an entire weekend slaving over killer copy and created expensive videos to sell your free report. And you poured time and money sending traffic to your sure-fire opt-in page.

Then, customize the game however you like with different fonts, emojis, buttons, graphics, layered backgrounds, page load animations, and more to make your scratch games come to life.

Finally, the visitor will watch an optional video encouraging them to enter their email to receive their free gift, whether it’s a coupon, lead-magnet, free consultation, etc.

Drag/drop your way to amazing lead games cards and video thank you pages in seconds. Add text, upload logos, upload images, and add different layers with a click of a mouse.

Add your own videos or use someone else’s to encourage visitors to hand over their best email address and contact info in exchange for their prize. We’ll even host your videos for you with cloud hosting abilities.

Create video lead games in just minutes with several DFY, editable templates. Includes “general” game templates, plus hot local niches like plumber, dentist, salon, and more.

Get 100s of fonts, add emojis, buttons, graphics, layered backgrounds, page load animations, and more to make your scratch games come to life. Visitors will want to play multiple times leading to more sales because the game seems realistic!

VideoGameSuite works with all landing page solutions and works for both desktop and mobile visitors. Just copy your code and paste it anywhere you want to start making sales.

VideoGameSuite Enterprise Coupon Code Key Features!

VideoGameSuite Enterprise campaigns on any page and the games will 100% work in mobile. It integrates with all major autoresponders and allows for custom HTML code.

All games are 100% mobile responsive allowing you to capture leads from desktop and mobile. Add customizable GDPR options to your VidScratch games so you’re fully compliant.

Make your scratch games look amazing with bonus pixels and unsplash integrations. Connect to your favorite major autoresponder or integrate your own personal code.

We’ll quickly answer your questions and help you achieve success around the clock. Remember, this is the more advanced 2.0 version showing this isn’t a ‘launch and gone’ one-hit-wonder.

Let’s face it, people love to gamble and scratch cards have generated billions of dollars for state lotteries year after year. To be honest, have you ever bought a scratch card and gambled? Of course, we all have.

Which means it stands out and gets people to respond. We’re hard-wired that way and no one else has these specific types of the scratch game out there on the internet.

The catch is we cannot continue to offer VideoGameSuite for this ridiculously low price for much longer. To support the bandwidth for this cloud technology and provide you with world-class support, we have to raise the price every few hours.

Slaving over traffic, in a world of dying attention spans… and watching 90% of that hard-earned traffic just vanishing from your client’s websites, never to return.

Bringing them insanely high opt-in rates, mind-bending ROI, fast results, and a list that’s bursting with subscribers ready to spend their cash.

Just like we did for the 1.0 VidScratch version of this app, we’re all committed to continuously supporting, updating, and improving VideoGameSuite behind the scenes with no downtimes or disruptions, ever.

Rest assured that every feature included with VideoGame will just keep getting better and better in the future just like VidScratch did. Our developers are committed to keeping up with future innovations.

Combine that with eye-catching graphics and video and now you have something that will get visitors’ attention and get them to interact with your brand!

This VideoGameSuite Enterprise Coupon Code groundbreaking tool comes with agency rights allowing your subscribers to provide a much-needed service to small businesses and run a gamification lead agency.

See, ordinary squeeze pages and popups have been shown so many people have developed ‘banner blindness to them and the gift they get in exchange for their information becomes devalued.

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