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TXTVideo Direct Coupon Code

Introducing Of TXTVideo Direct Coupon Code!

Create Highly Engaging And Fully Customizable TXT Videos In Minutes… And Add An Image, A GIF, Personalization, Custom Backgrounds, and Call-To-Action Buttons Right Inside The Video To Skyrocket Leads, Retention, And Conversion Rates!

Create chats and serve the needs of your local clients by inserting their links and redirecting your audience to their menu cards, telephone numbers, service cards etc.

Increase traffic, conversions, sales and profits by addressing the issues faced by your audience in a friendly manner or announce the launch of your new products… insert links to preview your offers with this cutting-edge technology.

Help your customers find your store by literally taking them there by the hand. Insert your Store link and show-off your merchandise. Watch your sales skyrocket.

Generate massive amounts of traffic for your Facebook ads by inserting the link cleverly. Make your audience take action when they are red-hot.

TXTVideo Direct Coupon Code works in 3 easy steps…

  • Step #1: Just choose an image, change the name, decide on a time, and battery life to give it a “Real Chat” look.
  • Step #2: Create a chat between any 2 fictional characters like your prospective/existing customer and your customer support team member or even between 2 friends… one asking for recommendations from the other (that involves your product/service)…
  • Step #3: Render your new video and share it instantly on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat…and let your audience connect with you by clicking on your CTAs instantly.

TXTVideo Direct Coupon Code Key Features

Customized TXT Conversations

Customize by changing the text, the display pictures of the persons supposedly chatting, their names, the battery life signs, the time, etc.

Bloggers / Vloggers

Create a chat asking the right questions and then redirect your audience to your blogs and marketing videos to get more fans and followers.

Insert Custom Backgrounds

Take your TXTVideo Direct project to a whole other level by adding a customer background for any niche or use the backgrounds we provide with your new account.

Login From Anywhere… Anytime

SaaS cloud based video creation allows you to create and access the videos that you’ve created from anywhere at any time. Nothing to download or install.

Insert Call-to-Action Buttons

Plant your (clickable) Call-To-Action buttons right inside the flow TXTVideo Direct Coupon Code of the video and connect with your audience to skyrocket conversions and sales.

1-Click Cloud Sharing

With just 1-Click you can share your videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Your Website and drive ALL the traffic straight to your offers.

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