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Sendiio 3.0 Coupon Code

Sendiio 3.0 Coupon Code

Introduction Of Sendiio 3.0 Coupon Code!

Sendiio 3.0 Coupon Code is the 1st and ONLY ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT autoresponder that combines the power of email marketing, Text Message Marketing, and Facebook Messenger Marketing ALL under ONE, CENTRAL Dashboard – at a ONE-TIME price!

Everyone still uses email. BIG marketers, small marketers, BIG brands, small brands, local businesses, international businesses, e-commerce stores, Shopify sellers, Amazon, e-Bay, Walmart, BestBuy, EVERYONE.

Combine the two and you get the ultimate recipe for success. You can run a Google search and find ENDLESS amounts of case studies of how automated FB Messenger marketing has skyrocketed sales for businesses of ALL types.

Just as you can import unlimited contacts, you can also create unlimited email lists and assign each list of imported emails to its own separate email list. Use the one-time broadcasts feature to send out as many one-time broadcast campaigns as you’d like.

This is extremely powerful if you’re operating in different niches, are building different brands, have different products and services, need to keep your free subscribers separate from your PAID customers, or anything in between.

You can immediately import your phone numbers list and start sending text message campaigns right away. You’ll be able to quickly copy and paste your entire phone numbers list right into Sendiio within SECONDS of logging in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using ClickFunnels, LeadPages, OptimizePress, ProfitBuilder, Elegant Themes, or ANY other lead-capture page builder. Just create your form, copy our HTML or iFrame code, and paste it into ANY page you’d like.

With Sendiio you can add as many automated messages to be sent to your list 100% automatically to generate sales for you EVERY SINGLE DAY without you having to put in ANY work yourself.

We’ve made it extremely easy to connect an UNLIMITED amount of domains to your account so that you can send emails. This allows you to keep everything separate and operate in as many profitable niches as you’d like.

With Sendiio, you can create an UNLIMITED amount of one-time broadcast email campaigns as well! Use these to send out a quick announcement, send out a special promotion, or do ANYTHING you’d like!

This is the PERFECT strategy if you’re just starting out with building your email list and profiting with email marketing. It requires ZERO monthly fees and you can grow as your business grows into a paid SMTP provider.

We have a fully-flexible scheduling system that will allow you to schedule your campaigns to be sent out immediately OR schedule it for the next day or as far out as you’d like. You’ll be able to schedule an UNLIMITED amount of email broadcasts as well.

Plus you’ll be able to see the GEOLOCATION of the subscribers you’re emailing, see what device they’re reading your emails on, and a TON of other VITAL information that will help you better understand your subscribers and MAXIMIZE your profit.

Most email campaigns capture 30-40% MORE profit by simply re-mailing later in the day to those people who DIDN’T open the email the first time around. Sendiio makes it SUPER easy to Resend your campaigns to capture more profit.

This is extremely powerful if you’re operating in different niches, are building different brands, have different products and services, need to keep your free subscribers separate from your PAID customers, or anything in between.

We’ve integrated Sendiio with one of the TOP platforms for delivering your text campaigns directly to your subscriber’s mobile device. Plus, with their flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing, you ONLY pay per text that is sent.

You’ll be able to immediately put them through an automated follow-up sequence for hands-free profit. You’ll be able to automatically add attachments to your follow-up sequences as well such as clickable links, videos, audio files, images, etc.

On top of being able to trigger a follow-up sequence for every new subscriber, you can also trigger an immediate welcome message to be sent to ALL your new subscribers. This helps to engage your subscribers right away before your sequence starts if you’d like.

This will be the first time you’ll EVER be able to IMMEDIATELY put REAL A. I copywriting to work for you by instantly being able to send profit-producing emails, texts, and social messages to your list WITHOUT writing a single word yourself.

The subject line is the MOST vital part of your email marketing success. It’s the FIRST thing that grabs the attention of your subscribers so that your emails get OPENED. If your subject line is not compelling enough, your open rates will suffer. And if your emails aren’t being opened, that DIRECTLY affects your profit.

One of our MOST requested features is FINALLY a reality. Imagine if you can set up a sequence where the first message that goes out to your subscribers is an email, the second message is a text, the third message is a Ringless voicemail, then they get a message on FB messenger, etc.

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