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Pushable Coupon Code

Introduction Of Pushable Coupon Code!

Pushable Coupon Code it’s the fastest way to collect buyer leads, get autopilot traffic, and make daily commissions… using the power of push notifications!

Now the secret was out of the bag! And, as you read this, these first-movers are sending millions of fresh buyer clicks to any affiliate link – with a new 1-click list technology.

Something fresh & cutting edge, that Apple & Google have been using to generate billions… but now we’ve discovered the secret… so it’s your time to join the elite tech execs at the dinner table!

And you probably don’t need convincing that “the money is in the list” – specifically a list that actually opens and clicks your buy links.

Even if you’re a newbie with no list, no traffic, no product, and no capital… something that rewrites the way you look at money-making.

By letting you create unlimited traffic, make huge commissions – and build a list in – 1 click… by using the same technology that Apple and Google use to make billions.

These just plain work, get massive deliverability, huge clicks, and allow you to send fast buyer traffic… plus, since very few people are doing it, you don’t need to worry about people getting ‘inbox blindless’.

Then you just use my method to “copy and paste” any website you want to promote – and send a super-targeted, highly-clickable, rich-media promo! I’ll explain exactly how I have automated this opportunity, in a second.

Push notifications work because they deliver hugely, visual images & buyer buttons – right into the visitor’s browser window – and they do it instantly & directly, with images, text & CTA buttons.

Literally, pop out of nowhere & take up about 20%-40% of the screen, with a huge rich media preview of the sales letter, affiliate program, or website you’re promoting!

The only question is: when are you going to join the future, with this new, cutting-edge “rich media list building” technology, which was previously the secret of the tech giants?

Now, when no one knows about it… or in 18 months when everyone is jumping on it? Isn’t it time you got in “on the ground-floor” on new, ground-shaking technology – for once?

Not when you can deploy Google & Apple’s secret tech! Look at the fast results that the 1% like me are currently enjoying with tiny push lists – right now!

Pushable Coupon Code Works In 3 Easy Steps…

  • Step #1: Anyone who clicks ‘yes’, will get subscribed to our list, that’s it!
  • Step #2: Now your leads are subscribed, so it’s time to get traffic & commissions.
  • Step #3: Once you’re collecting leads and sending autoresponder messages on auto-pilot.

Pushable Coupon Code Key Features!

Pushable you can send both follow-up messages and monetize passively! With Pushable you can queue up follow-up messages between 0 to 14 days.

Get a huge edge, with a new technology that’s 100x easier and more profitable than email. Build your list in seconds with my DFY instant website… just enter your affiliate link & send unlimited traffic!

Turn any visitor, email lead, or customer into a repeat buyer – by getting them on your push list… only Pushable includes all the features of a marketer-friendly autoresponder… but with push!

Get your leads on email and push, so you can hit them two ways. 2x your distribution! Includes DFY list-building website, software that turns any website into a push message, and much more.

First, we copy our embed code & paste it to our website. Now whenever someone visits our website, they will see the popup message.

DFY website-building software, preloaded with your buyers leads & giving away my software & training. Giving you an instant, done for you, hosted website, preloaded with your opt-in code & 100% done for you.

Your messages are sent exactly 24 hours from when the customer subscribed, so they work with any timezone… you can also use my pre-created templates!

Setting up your daily followups only takes a few seconds, and it means anyone who subscribes will get your messages sent daily… that’s what makes my “done for you” push templates so powerful!

It’s easy to find the template you want: filter by niche, view the CTR I got, and much more… your followups are sent at the subscriber’s time zone.

So you can drive unlimited buyer traffic to any affiliate program or website at any time… and yes you can create unlimited lists to segment your leads for even higher EPCs!

So why are these push messages generating such massive profits and traffic for me? Well… just look at the rich media you can include in any push notification.

Send unlimited notifications to your customer’s browser with zero monthly fees. Segment into lists, queue follow-up messages, send unlimited broadcasts.

Pushable Coupon Code uses our done-for-you website landing pages – no hosting or domain needed. Collect push subscribers from any website with customizable opt-in popups.

Click the button above to get an instant account setup within seconds. Get instant access to everything here you’ve spent the last few minutes reviewing.

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