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Pixal 2.022 Coupon Code

Introduction Of Pixal 2.022 Coupon Code!

Pixal 2.022 Coupon Code is cloud-based and will work on both a mac and a pc. You can access the system from any device that you wish. everything you create inside Pixal 2.022 is owned outright by you and we have no claim at all on any designs.

Pixal 2.022 just doubled our clicks against normal ads & banners – we have seen a 145% increase in our clicks. Stop your visitors dead in their tracks and make them engage with you online like never before. More clicks and more engagement instantly means more sales for your products and offers.

Then from it, we have made even more stunning graphics, ads & creatives PLUS we have added new Rich Media features that have amazed and stunned the many users of Pixal who have been Beta testing the new ‘Pixal 2.022’.

It’s been six years since Pixal was originally launched, in that time we have been serving our customers and making Pixal the best HTML5 graphics app on the planet. Animate your HTML5 graphics. Make them jump out of the page at your visitors.

We have included 1,000’s templates with no upgrade purchase needed, they are right here and ready to go. Tons of different niches and designs are also included. Drag and drop editor that helps you to design stunning HTML interactive graphics you have not seen anything like this.

We have overloaded the stock media section for you, it includes images, vectors, shapes, icons, and much more – all 100% royalty-free. With our embed app, you can add whatever you want to your graphics or videos. If it can be embedded then it can be added to a banner ad, graphic, or video.

Make your HTML5 graphics into GIFs that can be shared with anyone. Creating a gif is quick and easy. Create one graphic then duplicate those graphics in 25 different social media sizes all ready to be edited and added to your social media account. Huge time saver.

Add an interactive menu directly to your graphics. Multiple outgoing links and different call-to-actions. This is unique to Pixal 2.022. You can now add a pop-up button to your graphics or videos. Yes, that’s correct add multiple popups into one graphic or video.

Pixel now lets you upload an mp4 directly into the system. Which you can then turn into an embeddable HTML5 graphic. This means you can make the video interactive. This helps you create videos quickly and easily.

Have been around since the very early days of the internet and the reason why they are still used on almost every single site that you visit is that they just flat out work… but as with everything else, you need to have the best to stand out above the crowd.

Our freshly updated HTML5 web technology allows you to INTERACT with visitors, so people can’t help but click on your banner ads. Even people who “hate” banners are interacting with them because our updated technology allows them to be personalized for specific people in specific locations.

Will blow away your viewers and get them clicking and buying like never before. Imagine bringing your graphics and banners to life with new rich media options, using this type of graphic/creative in your business your viewer just won’t be able to help but click and interact with you.

This can be rotated, and you can add interactive elements to each side of the cube. Imagine you wanted to showcase multiple products on one creation, well you can add a different one to each side and link directly to that product from each different side.

Here you can assign different assets and elements to each side of the leaderboard which in turn gives you much more advertising space than ever before and helps your users interact easier than ever before.

Pixal 2.022 Coupon Code Key Features!

Pixal 2.022 Coupon Code has everything you need to get started right away and is very newbie-friendly so getting started is very easy. we will also be holding live training sessions so that you can get the most out of Pixal 2.022.

With video embed, you can navigate through multiple panels and expand and close the banner direct from the screen. Using this type of creativity instantly gets your visitor’s attention.

Using this lets you rotate through multiple images and elements to showcase multiple products on one banner. You can also add video direct to this carousel banner.

This is a drop-down banner that lets you join multiple panels together to showcase multiple elements and clicks. You can also add a video to this creative.

Use this as a complete page peel and reveal banner. Add multiple images to the banner and it will create an interactive page peel. Increases click-thru rates as visitors interact with the banner.

Perfect for getting users to interact with your offers, you can hide the free gift and call to action behind a scratch card that doubles as a banner. This makes more users take notice and interact with your offer.

This banner gets amazing plays and clicks of any videos that you want to showcase without taking much real estate space upon your site. Make it as small as you wish, and the banner will expand on rollover or click and play the video.

Help create the ultimate mobile advert or graphic as our software has been developed with mobile advertising in mind. With Pixal 2.022 we will show you how to get more clicks & sales instantly.

Once upon a time their outdated methods and banners were used to start bringing in more clicks, sales & engagement. But times have changed in such a tech-focused society now that you’re probably spending thousands of dollars just to lose visitors from your site.

You could be focusing on generating captivating graphics & interactive banner ads without the hassle and costs of hiring dedicated HTML5 designers. Pixel 2.022 is a proven cloud app that produces stunning HTML5-rich media graphics!

Even with zero technical skills. This newly updated secret weapon has been consistently producing results for our hundreds of marketers & online businesses all over the world that have been using it.

These days Google pays much more attention than it used to, to on-site retention and interaction so that’s why you need to have state-of-the-art graphics and banners that can be interacted with.

That Very Few Graphic Designers & Webmasters Share this tactic has landed us massive success over and over again in getting 30% more clicks & sales… And has been consistently reproducing month after month, just like that, for us and all of our users.

Most physical products are purchased via mobile devices and because Pixal 2.002 is mobile friendly it will help conversions even more. They see the product on the banner click and buy.

Your agency clients are crying out for better banners and using Pixal 2.022 you can give them exactly what they need. They will be amazed at the banners that you will create using Pixal 2.002. And do not forget the front-end version comes with commercial rights!

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