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Ozivi Coupon Code

Ozivi Coupon Code

Introduction Of Ozivi Coupon Code!

Ozivi Coupon Code is a cloud-based online application, you access it via a browser, and you can access and work in OZIVI from any device and anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Our Video Builder is a class-leading builder and comes with the ability to mix and match different clips and elements that we provide for you inside the dashboard to create your perfect video.

Create trust for any business by utilizing the power of positive association with video testimonials that show your brand is 100% reliable. This makes new visitors want to do business with you IMMEDIATELY.

OZIVI allows you to upload your own pre-recorded videos, audio, texts, and responses, which can automatically start a conversation with your viewers at any point in the video.

Each of these conversations can be fully personalized to give viewers the best and most targeted experience, resulting in more profits, clicks, sales, attention, and trust.

We’ve tested with THOUSANDS of beta testers to give us feedback to make sure that when you log into the panel, you know exactly what you’re going to do, and exactly how to do it.

Even if you don’t have a video of your own, even if you’ve never created a video before, or even if your existing video is not impressive, you can completely revamp it on the fly.

We believe Video Funnel is incredible on its own, but maybe you’ve got a few apps you like to use for your business that you’ve gotten used to.

The human experience Video Funnel provides helps you retain more of your existing customers while creating new ones easier than ever. This means more repeat sales which mean more revenue for your bottom line.

Create trust for any business by utilizing the power of positive association with video testimonials that show your brand is 100% reliable. This makes new visitors want to do business with you IMMEDIATELY.

Perfect for saving time on back-and-forth questions. Use this option to show your prospect/customer EXACTLY what they need to do to get their desired results.

Give your tutorial or desktop recordings a personal touch by adding yourself to the mix. Perfect for creating even more connections between you and the prospect/customer.

Great for picking up on a conversation without having to sort through tons of data or other responses. Lets you find what you need quickly for the best results and engagement.

A video is an amazing tool for connection. That’s why we’ve made it simple to use video to reply to your customers and prospects. Just upload or hit record and send. Ozivi AI will do the rest.

Wherever you can add code, you can set up Ozivi Video Funnels. Put it on your site, on forums; the choice is yours! As long as you have access to add the embed script, you’re good to go!

Why Ozivi? Why Now?

Exponential Business Growth Automatically
OZIVI helps you get more reviews, attract more leads, and foster loyal customer relationships — because you’re not just building your business, you’re creating a legacy.

Convert 10x More website visitors into Buyer
1-to-1 personalized video messages build trust which turns into sales in no time.

5x Faster, Easier Lead Generation
Get More qualified leads right from your website with an unrivaled one-to-one customer experience.

Very High Repeat Customers – Best Customer Retention
Get new customers, keep them coming back and deliver the best experience- Human Interaction.

90% More Opens and Clicks in Emails
Less Text-More Videos put mails in inboxes thus very high chances of opens and clicks as compared to competitors.

Best 1st Impression on Website Visitor
Every visitor has the potential to be your next customer. Start conversations on your website while you have their attention, then continue directly through text.

Incredible Brand Credibility via Video Testimonials
High Trust Factor amongst New Website Visitors – Good 1st Impression – Ease the Sales Part.

Elevated Customer Experiences
Retain more customers and win your market through reviews.

Engage with consumers
Foster an authentic relationship with your customers to inspire brand loyalty, increase confidence and show prospective buyers you care.

Ozivi Coupon Code Features:

  • Video Mindmap
  • Video Loops
  • Upload Videos to Cloud: Automatically & Create Campaigns
  • Import Videos from Royalty free Video Sites – Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash for your Campaigns
  • Import Animated GIFs from Giphy
  • Go Live on Camera & Record
  • Screencast your Computer & Record
  • Record Screen + Camera
  • Audio Feedback & Responses
  • Video Feedback & Responses
  • Text Feedback & Responses
  • Reactions/Emojis Feedback & Responses
  • Embed Replies / Responses on your Websites
  • Embed Video Widget
  • Appointments
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Manage & Export Leads and Responses
  • Email Integrations
  • Create Campaigns Easily
  • Import Videos From Your Favorite Royalty Free Sites
  • Go Live And Record Video Directly In The App!
  • Record Your Screen Quickly & Easily
  • Record Your Screen & Camera Together
  • Create Widgets For Your Marketing
  • Embed Video Funnel Everywhere
  • Discover Exit Intent With Your Traffic
  • Reply To Customers Directly Within The App
  • Search Responses To Find What You Need Quickly
  • DFY Templates To Help You Create Campaigns Fast
  • Choose Audio Replies
  • Choose Text Replies
  • Integrate Webhooks Seamlessly
  • Connect To Multiple Apps Using Zapier
  • Link Your Gmail Account For Reply Management
  • All Analytics of Campaigns At A Glance Your Business’ Brand
  • Personal Folder Organization
  • Team Folder Organization
  • User Onboarding Made Easy
  • Get Analytics Based On Device
  • Stunning Intuitive Easy To Use Dashboard
  • A True 100% Cloud-Based App
  • Works With Every Device
  • Design and create forms right inside the videos
  • Complete control of forms and design elements
  • Drag and Drop elements
  • 100+ Templates to create and design anything
  • Action Button Design Templates
  • New templates to take your action buttons to the next level
  • Action Button animations
  • 500+ New Premium Fonts Added to Style your overlay texts, CTA elements
  • Custom HTML to even embed Amazon Products, and Ads inside your Videos

Primary Hooks and Positioning

  • A New & Hot Agency Service To Sell To Your Clients
  • IPC-E Powered A. I Technology That Will Serve You For Years With 24/7/365 Uptime
  • Make Your Business Appear High Tech & Futuristic & Impress Viewers From The Get Go
  • Hijack and sell right inside YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Collect & Share Video Testimonials On The Fly
  • Lightning-fast rendering speed so you don’t have to wait for ages just to preview your creation.
  • Create Experiences Inside Emails For 400% Higher Conversions
  • Proven to get 1,300% More Clicks, 200% More Leads, and 400% More Conversions time and time again
  • Create Beautiful Interactive Video Courses, Presentations, Video Sales Letters, Video Funnels, Video Testimonials, Overlays, Squeeze Pages, Pop-Ups, Video Sales Pages & much much more.
  • Take Advantage Of REAL A. I Technology That Gives Customers What They Want.

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