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MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Coupon Code

Introduction Of MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Coupon Code!

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Coupon Discount Code is 100% web-based. All you need is a web-browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go.

New Web-App Lets You Turn A Profit in Under 24 hours By Legally Hijacking FREE-Traffic And Authority From four of the biggest Sites Online!

No Previous Skills Or Experience Required. You can literally be a complete Newbie and Get results with just 5 minutes of actual “work” – for ANY niche you can think of.

We can’t tell you why these YouTubers forget to renew their domains, but we can tell you that it happens every single day!

Not only did we convert our entire platform into a web-based application, but we also discovered that we can hijack traffic and authority from Wikipedia as well!

And just like YouTube… Wikipedia links out to millions upon millions of privately owned websites for reference so they can solidify the content posted on their site.

Not only will that domain continue to benefit from the insane ranking authority that comes from having a link from Wikipedia, but you’ll also benefit from all the click-through traffic that lands on Wikipedia.

And we developed our software that FINDS these broken domains for you and allows you to pick them up for 10 bucks or less and redirect that traffic and authority Anywhere you’d like – INSTANTLY!

Our users have been having So much success finding expired domains with built-in traffic, authority, and equity on YouTube and Wikipedia that we knew there had to be other sites they can hijack from as well!

So we went on the hunt and struck absolute gold on two other giant, authoritative sites that you’ll be able to hijack traffic from as well!

Imagine being able to pick up an expired domain that is STILL posted below a YouTube video that is getting hundreds or even THOUSANDS of views PER DAY.

You can input just one main keyword, and MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Pro Coupon Code will instantly display other related keywords you may not have thought of.

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Coupon Code Works In 3 Easy Steps…

Step #1: Our powerful built-in keyword engine, will allow you to turn ONE keyword into DOZENS of keyword.
Step #2: This might be a tough choice since they’re all very powerful and highly-authoritative sites.
Step #3: MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Coupon Code will start scouring either YouTube or Wikipedia to find available domains.

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Coupon Code Key Features!

Once you know what niche or keyword you want to search for, you’ll be able to instantly set MyTrafficJacker to start looking for available domains for you based on your keyword.

Not only are we integrated with Wikipedia, but we’re also integrated with the 2nd BIGGEST search engine on the internet. With MyTrafficJacker, you’ll be able to INSTANTLY start hijacking other people’s video traffic and redirecting that traffic anywhere you’d like!

Yes, that is short for British Broadcasting Corporation: One of the BIGGEST News sites on the internet today covering stories from ALL over the world in ALL types of niches!

This is the kind of site people FIGHT to get published on, however; armed with MTJ, you can be on there within MINUTES!

A TON of these replies have domains that have expired and are READY to be snatched up by you for $10 or less. AND Quora ranks VERY high for a TON of keywords, so you’ll be able to benefit from ALL of that!

Again, this comes down to being as efficient as possible. We integrated with the API’s of BOTH Godaddy and Namecheap so that with just ONE-CLICK available domains get added DIRECTLY to your cart with the push of just ONE-BUTTON!

When using our YouTube hijacker, you’ll be able to search for videos based on when they were uploaded. Most people purchase domains for only a year, so just imagine how many more videos you can find when you go deeper into older videos!

This will let you get even more targeted on the videos you want MyTrafficJacker to deliver to you. You’ll be able to control whether you want videos based on the relevance of your keyword or based on the number of views.

The last thing you want is to have MyTrafficJacker display domains that you’ve already hijacked or domains that are not yet available. Here you’ll be able to add or remove domains from the search results to ensure you’re ALWAYS getting unique domains you can hijack.

We understand that we will have some power users who prefer to sort through their pot of gold locally. This feature is for you. Here you’ll be able to download any and all results to your local computer and sort through all the data quickly and easily.

This is probably the most obvious and MANY of our user’s FAVORITE monetization strategy. It’s the easiest AND fastest to deploy. ALL you have to do is simply let MyTrafficJacker find these gold-mine domains for you,

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Coupon Code, you’ll instantly be able to build the MOST powerful Private Blog Network known to ANY SEO marketer and rank for just about ANY niche you’d like.

Sometimes life gets in the way and the original owners just simply FORGOT to renew the domain before the grace period was up.

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