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MassOptimizer Coupon Code

Introduction Of MassOptimizer Coupon Code!

The ONLY multilingual tool available which camera optimizes your images with EXIF data in bulk. Let Google think that your images are all local images taken with an actual digital camera or mobile phone – perfect for GMB´s.

The Only Image Optimization Software Tool That Places You in Any Location With A Mobile Phone or Digital Camera in Your Hand, Whilst Sitting at Your Desk, With Your Hand on A Mouse!

Okay well maybe not quite like that, but nobody has a website nowadays that doesn´t have images on it to heighten the viewers experience and engagement. It´s also a great way to draw attention to particular sections of your site.

Since GMB has been introduced, we all know you need to be scoring those Google brownie points and if Google knows the exact location of your services, it´s going to take you far more seriously.

By using the MassOptimizer Coupon Discount Code tool, you can optimize every single image with information including a geotag AND camera EXIF data. This means that in a matter of seconds, each image ranks VERY highly in GMB and keeps Google extremely happy thus ranking you far higher than your competitors.

If you have clients you’re working with too, you’re going to be very popular very soon as we’re already getting feedback that Mass Optimized images are being clicked 7000% more than they were before. Whether it’s your own business or someone else’s, your profits are going to be going up just as fast as your rankings!

MassOptimizer Coupon Code Works In 3 Easy Steps…

  • Step #1: Simply choose a folder containing your images and create a folder to send the optimized versions to.
  • Step #2: Add the Search Terms you want to optimize for – add Comments and URLS, Tags, Geo Location if required.
  • Step #3: Paste in your article exactly as it is or paste your Spintax (Spinnable Text) to create multiple variations for one or multiple images.

MassOptimizer Coupon Code Key Features!

You´ll already know that if you want your site to be ranking well you need to be visible. But you also need to be visual. If you don’t have images on your site now, you’re as good as invisible to Google. And just to keep you on your toes, having images on your site isn’t enough now either.

The more meta data that you have in your images, the more equipped Google is to decide whether you’re the real deal or not. And promise me – you definitely want Google to think you’re the real deal!

If most users are viewing sites via mobile, it makes sense that many photo’s are now being taken using mobiles. If Google sees that your images are tagged with the EXIF data from mobiles or camera’s you’re suddenly pretty visible!

You already have the tools in Mass Optimizer to help you to geo-tag your GMB’s easily and in bulk. You can even add multiple locations to them too in bulk so that you have cities attached to your images.

We all know that if a user searches for a business whilst on the move, that very same search would produce a very different result if they moved just one or two streets away.

With Mass Optimizers City Optimization feature, in just minutes, you can turn those 10 images and locations into 100 perfectly optimized mobile-first images which are all GEO-tagged, city and camera optimized.

Mass Optimizer to the rescue again as it lets you optimize entire folders in one go. If you check out the video you can see that it seriously only takes you a couple of minutes to MASS optimize your images. There’s a reason it’s called MASS optimizer you know…

The MassOptimizer Coupon Code beauty of optimizing whole folders at a time is that it helps to keep you more organised too. The nature of the process means that you’ll be able to name your optimized folders in ‘batches’ of images and batching anything is always far more efficient than individual tasks.

No more playing ‘Needle in a Haystack’ to find that individual image you were looking for. Mass Optimizer will put your optimising processes onto rails and just that factor alone will save you masses of time and consequently money too.

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