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KDSPY Coupon Code

Introduction Of KDSPY Coupon Code!

KDSPY Coupon Discount Code is a browser extension compatible with both PC & Mac. And the good news is, installation takes less than 4 seconds no matter what computer you’re using – seriously!

KDSPY is programmed to work on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera & the Brave browser – on an Apple, Windows, Chromebook or Linux system. Due to the declining popularity of other browsers, it will unlikely be supported on others in the future.

Initially, KDSPY was created to pull results from the largest Amazon marketplace; the US. However, due to popular demand, KDSPY v5 now supports results from specific stores in the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Mexico & Brazil.

Which means you can install KDSPY v5 Coupon Code on up to two (2) devices that you own personally. Many people today use a desktop and a laptop, so we’d never ask you to purchase again to use KDSPY on an additional computer.

Because many have grown their platform, their book sales, and their income by leveraging the research tools and competitor insights gained with KDSPY.

KDSPY Coupon Code How It Works:

KDSPY sits in your browser as your book research assistant

Unlike isolated software applications buried on your computer, KDSPY sits in your browser and becomes your – 24 hour on-demand – research assistant when you’re browsing Amazon.

Reverse engineer the bestseller categories in a single click

When you want a detailed breakdown of any of the 25,000+ Kindle or book categories on Amazon – click on KDSPY from within your browser. In a few seconds, you’ll know the competitor landscape of that category, the potential est. profit you could make there with a first-page listing – plus, you’ll have a detailed breakdown of each book’s important metrics.

See how many books you need to sell in 24 hours to rank #1-20

For Amazon’s algorithm to pay attention to your book, you must sell a certain amount of copies in 24 hours to get a category ranking. Once you’ve identified an ideal category based on revenue potential, a simple roll over with your mouse on the red ‘information’ icon reveals the estimated daily sales you’ll need to compete for a first-page position.

Discover the popular trends & keywords in any book category

What better way to find bestselling niches – and get ideas for your next book – than by modelling what’s already working for other successful authors. KDSPY shows you the popular trends in any market, reveals the bestselling niches to go after – and even gives you a world cloud to help you write a compelling book title.

Analyse keywords in-depth for profit and ranking potential

Do any keyword search in KDSPY itself and instantly get its profit potential along with 100’s of additional (A-Z) keyword suggestions – all exportable for AMS ads. Alongside, you’ll get competitor counts and their est. monthly revenue. Our keyword analysis feature drills down even further to reveal the likelihood of ranking in Amazon for it, too.

Spy on other authors & publishers and model their bestselling books

KDSPY can analyse any author page and tell you in seconds all their statistics. Just a single click will show you the Sales Rank of all their Kindle, paperback & hardcover books, their estimated sales, and total revenues broken down by individual book type.

Track the sales rank & revenue of any book over 30 days

Keep track of as many Kindle, paperback & hardcover books as you’d like with our book tracking feature. KDSPY pulls the Sales Rank of your competitor’s books (automatically) daily, then displays their performance in chart form, along with their est. daily sales and monthly revenues.

Browser Integration

KDSPY integrates directly into your browser. That means you can do your research right on Amazon, not with some lame software (that you’ll forget about) buried on your computer.

Lightning Speed

KDSPY Coupon Code was painstakingly coded from the ground up to be the quickest book research tool on the market. Plus, the data that KDSPY reveals is available from a single click in your browser.

Single-Click Install

KDSPY installation is so simple a child could do it. In fact, it takes just one click and in 4 seconds, you’re done. And because it installs into the browser, it uses very little disk space.

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