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iVidz Coupon Code

Introduction Of iVidz Coupon Code!

iVidz Coupon Discount Code is a cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform that lets anyone. maximize video engagement & conversions for any marketing goal, faster & easier than ever before possible.

Even slick videos made from the fanciest softwares aren’t getting the results they used to. Because people aren’t watching marketing videos for more than a few seconds.

Interactive video technology is proven to skyrocket video marketing results across the board. Across multiple industries brands that use it have been seeing results like these.

Generate interactive video campaigns for any goal: lead generation, affiliate promo, product sales, branding, customer support and more. Even mix & match multiple goals within a single interactive campaign!

Provide unlimited “branches” with multiple options that explode engagement & conversions while giving viewers full control of their experience. Upload videos directly into a campaign & include URL to any page or offer you want to promote.

The built-in, mobile optimized player and included hosting ensures your videos will perform perfectly on any device. Direct link to social profiles, pages & groups.

While marketers may think they’re engaging their audience with video, usually it’s the opposite. Most of the time they’re actually annoying their viewers.

Well it’s not to shorten your videos to a minute or less, unless you’d rather grow your TikTok following than make money. But there IS a real world solution for making your viewers happy.

And had no idea at the time that it’d become an amazing resource for actual video viewer behaviour. See this platform gets about 45,000 video views a month – more than enough data to find out what I needed to know.

Engagement & conversions skyrocket because you just personalized the experience for each viewer. The good news is, the technology to do this already exists. The bad news? It’s not exactly user friendly.

Your viewers can choose what they want to see or do, from inside your video. Instant gratification equals happy viewers. The marketing applications are practically unlimited.

Most busy marketers prefer simple, cost-effective solutions. Yes, interactive video is the #1 solution for getting people to watch & engage with your videos.

iVidz Coupon Code Works In 3 Easy Steps…

  • Step #1: Login to the cloud-based app
  • Step #2: Use the drag & drop visual editor to effortlessly customize your campaign
  • Step #3: Publish your iVidz interactive video to any website, sales or squeeze page, blog, eCom store and more

iVidz Coupon Code Key Features!

iVidz PRO Coupon Code player ensures your videos load & play blazingly fast across devices… So you keep more viewers watching & engaging with your videos.

The easiest-to-use fully interactive video platform on the market. Design top-converting campaigns for any goal using videos you already have, or make in the future.

Create, update & run interactive video campaigns from anywhere. Get instant access to all your campaigns, video clips & related links straight from the dashboard.

On-the-fly updating is a huge time-saver for running multiple promos & offers. This takes all the guesswork out of making custom interactive videos!

Effortlessly create engaging interactive experiences that let viewers choose how to proceed: watch another video, visit any website, subscribe or buy.

Drop a video or url into a new box, then click your mouse to link steps together. Forget losing traffic & leads to 3rd party hosting platforms… included premium hosting gives you full control.

Share your interactive videos directly on your sites, pages & social profiles and keep your traffic where it belongs. With steep learning curves, complex templates, multiple layers and bloated features most marketers don’t need.

Happy viewers because people can find what interests them fast. Which can translate into more repeat business & traffic from your videos.

Customize your “option buttons” that let viewers control their experience. Change colors, texts and fonts to add variety, match your brand, and stand out.

Create super simple or multi-step interactive experiences. With iVidz there are no limits on how many interactions you include, and the drag & drop interface makes them a breeze to set up.

Configure up to 3 user choices per interaction. Maximize viewer engagement and results by giving viewers options to see more video content, visit any url you want, even make a purchase.

With iVidz Coupon Code you can direct viewers to any url you want. Just make it one of their choices and they’ll be directed there by clicking inside your video. Get traffic to your blogs.

Use iVidz with any video you’ve already made, or make in the future, on any platform. Yes, this even includes Creative Commons & sales videos you have the rights to use!

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