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CookielessAds Coupon Code

Introduction Of CookielessAds Coupon Code!

CookielessAds Coupon Code is a revolutionary new app that will change the way you run Facebook & Instagram ads.

This week millions of Facebook and Instagram users lost their audience, targeting, winning ad campaigns & more as soon as the iOS 14 update was rolled out.

Millions of business owners who were earlier successfully using Facebook & Instagram ads for driving hyper-targeted traffic to their funnels, websites, eCom stores & more saw a 50% dip in their profits.

Over 50% of the mobile users in the USA have an apple device i.e. over 150 million potential customers and soon you won’t be able to track or target any of these people.

This simple solution can help you overcome this potential bypass this update and start giving you even better results & ROI than earlier.

With the launch of the iOS 14 update, apple just took away the ability of your website & Facebook to analyze your visitors, your lead, customers, and sales.

We would like to introduce you to Cookieless ads – World’s easiest Facebook and Instagram targeting and tracking software.

Using CookinglessAds App, you will be ready to bypass Apple iOS 14 block and you will start getting even better targeting, high-quality leads customers, and sales from your Facebook and Instagram ads campaign.

And charge hundreds of dollars to thousands of businesses who are failing to retarget and losing sales due to the recent iOS14 update.

When your competition is blindly running ads for all the audience and paying a huge sum to Facebook, you can outsmart them using this unique system on complete automation.

With CookielessAds you can connect unlimited pixels and ad accounts and create multiple custom conversions at the same time without paying monthly fees.

Now you can have the most accurate data, hyper precision targeting on any device without iOS or adblockers restrictions using advanced conversion API.

And you can target the hottest prospects possible, show ads only to them, and take the unfair advantage over 95% of the marketers, who don’t even this technology exists.

CookielessAds Coupon Code Works In 3 Easy Steps…

  • Step #1: Log in to the cloud-based app and enter your FB pixel
  • Step #2: Paste the code on your store, site, funnel, or blog
  • Step #3: Start targeting your hottest prospects on FB automatically

CookielessAds Coupon Code Key Features!

CookielessAds is a cloud-based system that captures all the events, conversions and then sends them to Facebook using our system in real-time with the most accurate data possible.

With the recent iOS 14 updates, Apple has started blocking Facebook and Instagram ad tracking systems. This has resulted in the loss of audiences, targeting data, leads, customers, sales, and eventually profit.

We would like to introduce you to CookielessAds -World’s easiest Facebook and Instagram targeting and tracking software. That’s not all with your purchase of cookieless today you will also get special access to.

Targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any business & with the recent iOS update, you won’t be able to target and track any user who is using an Apple Device.

Imagine the kind of leads & sales your business will be missing out on & the revenue/profits which you will lose in these testing pandemic times.

If you are using regular old Facebook pixel on your blog, website, landing pages, funnel pages, or eCom Stores. This is the hottest & most in-demand Facebook & Instagram app of 2021.

This essentially means that you will be able to sell a dedicated CookielessAds Account to your clients just by purchasing our main front-end product for 37 Bucks.

You can get all these amazing features with Agency – Reseller Rights in CookielessAds front end offer for Just 37 Bucks. This really can’t get any better.

With the rollout of recent Apple’s iOS update, they have started blocking all Facebook, Instagram tracking on their devices which controls over 50% of market share alone in the USA.

This is a major reason for concern as businesses that depend on Facebook & Instagram for Leads, Traffic & Sales & losing money & customers every second.

This essentially means that for 37 Bucks, you can use CookielessAds for your business & also sell its 5 accounts to your clients & other businesses which are in need of this service at the price you wish.

If you are a local business or an online business selling a product or a service and you depend on video marketing to reach your potential audience on Facebook & Instagram then your business is in grave danger!

CookielessAds Coupon Code is the world’s easiest Facebook and Instagram targeting and tracking software. And keeping the agency requirements in mind, we are giving away 5 – agency accounts with our main Front End product.

This will result in you getting junk untargeted views and clicks on your ads & landing pages & will result in loss of money on ads, leads, sales & eventually your business.

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