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BEECOVER Coupon Code

Introduction Of BEECOVER Coupon Code!

BEECOVER Coupon Discount Code it’s only need to spend a few dollars, and all your designs can be done in minutes! It’s a huge budget and time saver for you!

All the Kindle/Book/Magazine eCovers are designed to be creative, professional, eye catching, cool, and attractive. But you have the option to fully customize them as you desire.

We have been in design & marketing world for almost 10 years. So we know how to provide a cutting edge design, Easy to use, intuitive and lots of templates and images to work with.

Everyone can work with these templates, no learning curve, advance skill, or even degree needed. You can be more creative as you can!

You can be as creative as you can with our Top design templates . Use the templates as a starting point, and have fun!

You can everything you need to create your own Book, Magazine, Kindle Book, and various marketing tools to sale your product online and offline.

All the templates are all Ready made – Fully Editable templates special designed in-house by top professional video maker and marketer.

A Simple but Attractive animated banner to create “Special Offer” ads. Designed in Powerpoint (.PPTX) file format. You can easily change the color, image, and text to match your book using Ms. Office application.

This is complete assets you need to help you build your own Book, Magazine, Kindle Book, and various marketing tools to sale your product both online and offline.

All of Ecoverio’s templates are super easy and fast to customize. Do it right in your own computer! No matter the genre, you’re sure to find a book cover template for you to finish up your work.

Use Ecoverio’s design templates to make a writer brand easily. Click, Edit and Replace using only Powerpoint. Newbie Friendly and No advanced technical skills.

All of our templates are carefully created by expert designers, so you’ll always get the best results. Create book cover, magazine cover, flyer, and 3D mockups using our mockup library!

BEECOVER Coupon Code Works In 3 Easy Steps…

  • Step #1: Choose template
  • Step #2: Customize edit text image color
  • Step #3: Produce book magazine video

BEECOVER Coupon Code Key Features!

The BEECOVER is to get people attention and then to read the blurb for further explanation, much like a shop window is dressed to entice people inside.

A package of Ready-to-Use eCover Design Templates for Kindle, Books, and eBook. Created using PHOTOSHOP and POWERPOINT with professional design look, perfect for Self-Publishers who want skyrocket their sales conversion.

You required Adobe Photoshop and Ms.PowerPoint to work / edit the templates, because all templates are created using those Softwares. Simply open the template inside your Photoshop or Powerpoint software.

We created the templates using Photoshop CC, but you can still edit the content of the PixelCover’s templates using Photoshop CS2 or higher. Sure you can open/edit with Photoshop CS2 or below, but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.

If you can open your Powerpoint or Photoshop, know how to edit text & image… that’s enough. Because our templates are ready-to-edit, all you have to do is change the title and add/change images, and you’re done.

Whether you’ve written a fantasy novel, a technical how-to guide or any other type of book, one thing’s for sure… You want people to READ IT…

If your cover looks professional and conveys the right image, people are more likely to read the book. On the other hand, if your cover looks amateur, they’ll assume that the same applies to the writing.

With more than 2.2 million books published every single year, it’s incredibly difficult to make your book stand out. Readers have so many books to choose from these days.

You may only have a few seconds to grab a potential reader’s attention and make them attracted to your book, and an eye-catching book cover can achieve just that.

If you selling Book, Kindle, Magazine, or eBook online… through your own website or marketplace such as Amazon Kindle, the product cover design is the first thing your customer will sees.

It’s the most important element that can make positive impression at the first glance to your product! And an extraordinary cover draws attention and creates anticipation. The visual design is what gives us confidence to buy the book.

BEECOVER Coupon Code visual design of your book will illustrate the content of the book you are presenting. And the right cover book design will show the characteristic of your book.

A well-designed book cover is also a great way of finding the right audience for your book. The right combination of colours, imagery and fonts can convey so much about the book’s style and subject.

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