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Adtivate Coupon Code

Introduction Of Adtivate Coupon Code!

Adtivate Coupon Code is our new and powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to monetize your sites with the #1 most PROVEN monetization strategy used by ALL the biggest and most profitable sites online.

Within seconds you’ll be able to either design high-converting offers with our built-in editor, easily paste in your Adsense code, or add a pre-made offer to your site at record speed!

And this is the step that makes your sites go CA-CHING! Once your offers are created, here is where you set your desired display settings for those offers so you can start profiting RIGHT AWAY!

You have to make it EASIER for your visitors to SEE and Click on Your OFFERS every chance you get. However, before TODAY, you either needed to know how to code or have a BIG budget to be able to accomplish this in an effective and efficient manner.

Plus we’ve truly made this easy, simple, and FAST for ALL users to add high-converting offers to their sites… Even the MOST newbie WordPress user can use our plugin to activate offers on their sites.

Spend THOUSANDS of dollars and MONTHS of time hiring a developer to have a custom plugin built for you. EXTREMELY expensive Ad plugins already on the market that only do a PORTION of what Adtivate does.

We could have also EASILY charged a MONTHLY fee and or YEARLY fee for an extended-sites license like those competitors as well. Especially since we know how VITAL it is to be able to quickly and easily display ads on your sites.

However, if you DO want to pick up the BEST, FASTEST and EASIEST Plugin To Deploy High-Converting Offers To Your Sites at the BEST price you’ll ever see it at, I highly recommend picking up your copy NOW.

We Created the FASTEST and EASIEST way to create, manage and deploy offers on your sites via the power of banner ads in under 60 seconds.

So you can dominate your Niche while our plugin handles all your monetization for you! Plus, they will be unlocking our powerful banner ad creation feature that’s built right into our plugin.

Adtivate Coupon Code Our PROVEN, High-Converting Funnel

FRONT END (Adtivate Agency)

The FE is going to be our main Adtivate Plugin. With our most popular level, they’ll get a 5-site license and access to all the banner types and settings available. Yup, immediate banner creation based on PROVEN templates that they can INSTANTLY deploy on their sites.

OTO 1 (Adtivate Agency+)

OTO 1 is going to be our Unlimited Sites License with a couple of very powerful bonuses. The FE is limited to 5 sites, so here your customers will be able to unlock our Unlimited Site License, Our Resellers License to be able to sell sites with our plugin installed. AND the best part? They just have to put down $1 to lock in this discount. We’ve used this multiple times and it’s a NO-Brainer that converts extremely well.

OTO 2 (Adtivate Whitelabel)

OTO 2 is going to be our Whitelabel license. And this isn’t your regular plugin Whitelabel. Your customers will be able to truly Whitelabel EVERY SINGLE part of our plugin. Their clients will NEVER know they’re using Adtivate.

OTO 3 (AiutoBlogger WP Plugin)

OTO 3 will be a special offer to our AiutoBlogger Plugin. This is easily the MOST powerful auto blogging plugin to EVER hit the market. Literally, all they have to do is install our plugin and their sites will get UNIQUE, perfectly-optimized, high-quality Content written by REAL A.I! Plus, the content gets perfectly formatted, and optimized with images and videos automatically added.

OTO 4 (SyndTrio Agency + Plugin)

OTO 4 will be a special offer for our SyndTrio web app. This will allow your users to also fully-automate all of the SYNDICATION of their content to over 25+ high-quality social sites. Plus SyndTrio will also create ALL the social site accounts for them as well. We’ll also be including our fully-automated WP Plugin too which we normally sell separately.

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